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Next years I won't be able to play so much as I did the last ones. But if I could keep that rate, I would sign PSN .


IMHO, It's designed for hardcore gamers which spend a lot of time playing. They should add extra features and not just discounted downloads to make it more attractive.


Just my two cents :p

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2 out of maybe....20?

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0/10...which includes me.  I use the PSN to play multiplayer games online, like Call of Duty, and that part of PSN is free so I didn't see a need to upgrade.

I upgraded to psn plus now

patapon said:

All of them because I deleted everyone who didn't have it.

I'm sorry, but us psplus owners are superior and need to disassociate ourselves from the plebeian no psplus owners. I also came up with this idea the other day, I call it "The Final Solution" More on that later.

BTW, 2 people

hahaha that was funny

2 out of around 35

I might get it one day when they'll give better games like ratchet quest for booty, but for now wipeout hd might be good but its not worth 50 box for me.

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None. Out of 40 something

4 of them! And they are all VGC members and they think they are above me! Curse you Makingmusic!

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2 and non of them are real life friends. They are both VGC members

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3 out of 59