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so i'm selling off just about all my video games. too many to list right now. but i've got systems and games for atari, gameboy, gameboy advance, nes, snes, n64, dreamcast, 3DO, and xbox games, ps1 games, ps2 games, wii games, gamecube games.


i don't feel like typing up all the games and stuff but if any one is looking for some games or systems listed above chime in and i'll let you know what i have.

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may i ask why are you giving up?

Does your Dreamcast still work?


Get a PS3 d00d

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Do you have Tomba! or Suikoden 2?

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Ummm...are we allowed to sell things here? If so anyone wanna buy my broken Xbox and Rayman Raving Rabbids poster lol? Anyone for my discolored nintendo power from 2004?

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This would be regarded as SPAM. VGChartz is a sales site to discuss video games and console/video game sales. VGChartz is not a  site to try and sell your unwanted goods. 

Use EBay or Craigs List to sell your unwanted games and consoles. 

Akvod said:

Get a PS3 d00d

This. If you're giving up gaming, it's the perfect system to own.

badgenome said:
Akvod said:

Get a PS3 d00d

This. If you're giving up gaming, it's the perfect system to own.

I thought you have to own it first before the giving up part?

I had no idea it's so powerful that it makes him quit before even owning.