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Nintendo, but it's not hard to win when you're the only one uncovering a new system.

Sony follows with the strength of its software.

Microsoft? Rehash of last year.

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Pyro as Bill said:


MS, Sony, Pachter and the 'reporters' got bitchslapped so hard they need shutter glasses to see straight.

I laughed when the Reginator stuck it to analysts and Pachter about "the Wii starting to flounder" with cold hard numbers and facts.

And what exactly is up with that NBC article? Did these guys forget E3 is a trade show? You don't win because of one thing. I love Butler, but when you ignore a lot of the flaws in the conference because of a guy who's a borderline internet meme you probably need to reexamine your proffesionalism

Serious_frusting said:



and the reason why




This. Nintendo hands down. We could argue last year (everyone had some great games) but this year really, no story.

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Nintendo b/c of the 3DS and the hardcore games coming on the 3DS.