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Forums - Website Topics - Site riddled with Viruses...AGAIN?

Every time I visit here I now get multiple warnings about viruses and trojans and at one point a program began to install itself!

Anyone else with these problems or just me?


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I'm not aware of anything

The only problem I had was that I get directed to PC Life or something for 3 times or so. No virus or trojan for me though, so probably just you? All my problem seem to have been pressure on my laptop (the touchpad is a wii bit sensitive), you probably caught something.

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Nope, I've gotten a few of the same message. I bet it's neogaf members or something.

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It's not every time but it is when I visit this site only.

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seeing as how it doesn't seem widespread I will elaborate a bit more. I'll get a popup message (I use firefox with adblocker) that says there may be viruses and that I should update my system (recomended) but it's worded very poorly and clearly not from microsoft or my virus protection sofware. If I X out of it (I don't click any of the options "update now" or "update later") and it closes my browser and a few more messages pop up insisting that I update now because I don't know what might be on my computer (again, not professionally worded at all), and each one I X out of brings up another one (different message, same general idea), and does it several times before it goes away.

You can find me on facebook as Markus Van Rijn, if you friend me just mention you're from VGchartz and who you are here.

I hope not, I just started again to visit this site from work.

Oh well, I'm sure I'll get a phone call from IT if true.

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Just sounds like an annoying ad rather than a serious virus problem. Having said that, I talk to our ad network and try to get rid of some of the ads (people seem to be complaining about the ipod one as well)...

I have my browser set up so that I don't get the pop-ups and redirects anymore. However, last night it was taking about 4-5 minutes for pages to load. That only lasted for about 30 minutes total though.

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i just had a message saying "serious threads detected on your computer"..... seriously i wondered what threads were for a minute lols i have no doubt its some sort of virus or spyware atempting to lodge itself into the registry, cus it attempted to do something to my registry............ im sure worried bout those "threads" though.......
funnily enough the message came up when i was just glancing on this thread lols

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