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Wagram said:

Would really love to see a Scolar Visari speach at the beginning.

It is really sad to say that I can actually say the entire KZ2 speach word for freakin word.

Lol, yeah that would be awesome. Kz2 was packed with some really epic cutscenes, especially the intro. In fact, I would dare say that Guerilla makes the best intros of the whole industry, as the one in KZ1 was also quite spectacular. 

And why is it sad you know the speech word of word?.... cause I also do. 

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From what I remember the CG Intro cutscenes were outsourced, and GG likes doing all their stuff in engine - as it is a testament to the quality of their work. I'm thinking this time (KZ3) we might get all In-engine storytelling - hopefully more of it, and I really hope different backdrops from just the level you're on.



half hig like Hakkah in Killzone 1, except he doesn't embrace it, he hates it and goes on a hunt for all Higs on his own, ends up getting abducted and brainwashed by Visari who is not dead because the guy you killed in Killzone 2 was a look alike - green eyes vs black eyes debate. Rico is the last boss and you get a satisfying kill.


first level begining
you are helgast and you need hunt down Rico
with screams "for Visari"

I say no help arrives any time soon so they have to travel around helgam for needs with limited amunition but that wouldn't make more sense since jetpacks have to come from somewhere