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Yojimbo said:
I believe that N64 sold more the Wii in the same period. It really proves that the first 4 months does not show how the rest of the console sales will be. I really believed that GC would blow away the Xbox total sales but it really didn't.

When you could compare North American consoles the Wii had sold (roughly) the same number of units as the N64 had in the same time period. On the other hand Japan looks like this:

Week Console 1 Date Weekly Total Console 2 Date Weekly Total
1 Wii12/03/06373,787373,787  N6406/23/96300,469300,469
2 Wii12/10/06100,657474,444  N6406/30/96255,607556,076
3 Wii12/17/06108,775583,219  N6407/07/96116,389672,465
4 Wii12/24/06293,566876,785  N6407/14/9687,704760,169
5 Wii12/31/06110,999987,784  N6407/21/9660,617820,786
6 Wii01/07/07176,9251,164,709  N6407/28/9648,843869,629
7 Wii01/14/0798,6781,263,387  N6408/04/9647,794917,423
8 Wii01/21/0786,3751,349,762  N6408/11/9650,600968,023
9 Wii01/28/0785,4571,435,219  N6408/18/9646,7671,014,790
10 Wii02/04/0772,9221,508,141  N6408/25/9646,7671,061,557
11 Wii02/11/0776,3461,584,487  N6409/01/9634,6051,096,162
12 Wii02/18/0765,9641,650,451  N6409/08/9628,6421,124,804
13 Wii02/25/0786,3421,736,793  N6409/15/9626,7271,151,531
14 Wii03/04/0761,7541,798,547  N6409/22/9616,9801,168,511
15 Wii03/11/0748,7721,847,319  N6409/29/9628,3701,196,881
16 Wii03/18/0767,7981,915,117  N6410/06/9616,2431,213,124
17 Wii03/25/0784,4951,999,612  N6410/13/9616,3221,229,446
18 Wii04/01/0752,7852,052,397  N6410/20/9617,8861,247,332


The Wii has sold as many units in 18 weeks as the N64 sold in 42

42  N6404/06/9728,3082,044,326

Also note that the Wii will likely break the year barrier by week 21

52  N6406/15/9710,5612,191,581

The fact is that as much as people badmouth the N64 sales it performed pretty strongly in North America and it was its sales in Japan and Europe that hurt it


NintendoSep-20060.00 / 5.550.00 / 20.630.00 / 6.750.00 / 32.93

From the looks of it, Nintendo will surpass the N64's sales in Europe and Japan by the end of 2007 and will be well on the way of matching (or surpassing) the sales pace set by the N64 in North America


BTW this new editor rocks

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Wow, those N64 numbers look more like the PS3 sales than the Wii.


WeekConsole 1DateWeeklyTotal
Console 2DateWeeklyTotal
1PS311/12/0687,59287,592 N6406/23/96300,469300,469
2PS311/19/0644,021131,613 N6406/30/96255,607556,076
3PS311/26/0636,010167,623 N6407/07/96116,389672,465
4PS312/03/0631,880199,503 N6407/14/9687,704760,169
5PS312/10/0649,528249,031 N6407/21/9660,617820,786
6PS312/17/0672,872321,903 N6407/28/9648,843869,629
7PS312/24/0680,022401,925 N6408/04/9647,794917,423
8PS312/31/0675,314477,239 N6408/11/9650,600968,023
9PS301/07/0770,845548,084 N6408/18/9646,7671,014,790
10PS301/14/0730,397578,481 N6408/25/9646,7671,061,557
11PS301/21/0723,939602,420 N6409/01/9634,6051,096,162
12PS301/28/0721,127623,547 N6409/08/9628,6421,124,804
13PS302/04/0720,298643,845 N6409/15/9626,7271,151,531
14PS302/11/0723,886667,731 N6409/22/9616,9801,168,511
15PS302/18/0721,266688,997 N6409/29/9628,3701,196,881
16PS302/25/0721,050710,047 N6410/06/9616,2431,213,124
17PS303/04/0746,826756,873 N6410/13/9616,3221,229,446
18PS303/11/0730,406787,279 N6410/20/9617,8861,247,332
19PS303/18/0721,332808,611 N6410/27/9611,3031,258,635
20PS303/25/0720,008828,619 N6411/03/9612,6791,271,314
21PS304/01/0717,510846,129 N6411/10/9611,5401,282,854

Notice the similar decline in sales? 

HappySqurriel said:


So the Gamecube was a system that was focused on inovative gameplay through the use of motion control?


Innovative gameplay? 




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While this can be interesting I think a 12 month data is needed to be fair. Moreover the Wii is still in major shortage as was the 360 at M+4.

I think these numbers show two things:

first, that the sales in the first four months of a consoles lifecycle don't decide the console war. (this one was obvious)

but second, and this is more interesting, that consoles with a head start often start slow and win the race at the end anyway, while consoles with a late launch need great numbers to come close. (In my opinion, N64 managed to come close in NA, but it was the only one with a late launch that had a chance).


this would lead me to the conclusion that x360 will be hard to beat and that only wii has a chance, while ps3 already lost. but this would ignore the fact that we are just talking about NA-Numbers.

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TheSource said:

Wii 1.86 million (Nov-Feb)

Xbox 1.69 million (Nov-Feb)

Gamecube 1.38 million (Nov-Feb)

PS2 1.36 million (Oct-Jan)

PS3 1.06 million (Nov-Feb)

Xbox 360 1.00 million (Nov-Feb)


You sure about that Xbox (original number). I'm pretty certain they sold about 700,000 units in both November and December 2001.