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IMO , if wii music was bundled with a nunchunk , i'm pretty sure the game would sold more.

Think about it ,
Wii sport come with the wii , Wii play come with a wiimote and wii fit come with the balance board
and they all more successful

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watever this guy makes people will buy it..

I would like to play NSMBW with him

@OP I think you got a point. But all we like more him when he's creating a new Mario game?

what`s wrong with Wii Music, it's not a great game but it's not that bad either...

Not necessarily true about him not getting attached to games. He was quoted at the making of Wind Waker, that he looked at Link as his own son, and didn't like the idea of Link growing up, because it made him feel old =) Thus why Link was reverted back to being a kid for the game.

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that is so....
wait that actually makes sense lol

Khuutra said:
I think you are right, though I will add on the qualifier that he apparently does play games after they've been made to make sure that they play well. According to reports, the man is a monster at Mario platformers.

Well, whe I mean he doesn't play games, I mean he doesn't play games for fun often if at al.  Unlike say David Jaffe who probably caps off a day at the office by coming home and playing whatever is the hot new game out there.

Demotruk said:
Viper1 said:
Argument is invalid.

He made Wii Music for himself but also made Wii Fit for himself. The sales difference is dramatic.

In fact, a large portion of his entire portfolio of titles can be attributed to something he enjoyed or was inspired by. He watched the movie Legend and mixed with some childhood fantasies, he makes Zelda. He get's a new puppy and makes a game around training it. His gardening hobby became Pikmin. Archways in a nearby garden inspired the idea behind StarFox.

And on and on.

There's a difference between being inspired by things in your life and making games for yourself. I think only Wii Music and Wii Fit could arguably have been "for himself", but still in starkly different ways. Wii Fit may be a tool he could use and enjoy himself, as could anyone else, but Wii Music was a way to allow others to share in his love of creating things, and music specifically. While I don't think it was a game for himself in the way many Western devs make games for themselves and people like them, his motivations with Wii Music did seem quite different than his motivations with other games he's made.

Pretty much what I meant,  thanks.

Viper1 said:
Argument is invalid.

He made Wii Music for himself but also made Wii Fit for himself. The sales difference is dramatic.

That's because he defined the genre with Wii Fit. With Wii Music, everybody was expecting a Guitar Hero clone, which it wasn't. At all.

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