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Forums - Gaming Discussion - NEW POLL: Most improved sequel


NEW POLL: Most improved sequel

Assasins creed 1 - 2 41 28.08%
Mass Effect 1- 2 15 10.27%
Uncharted 1 - 2 57 39.04%
COD4 - MW2 1 0.68%
BFBC - BFBC2 12 8.22%
ioi 1 - ioi 2 20 13.70%

So poll + Title should say it all.. what do you think is the most improved sequel..


Note: I get people haven't played all games (or atleast most) but try to choose from the games you played.

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lol Good last choice. Out of those, I'll say BC2. I still play both Bad Co. MPs but it's amazing to see how improved 2 is over 1 (1 has a really good MP too), I've not dived into SP that much but 1's comedy was good at some points but thrown in there the rest of the time.

I hated Uncharted 1 but love Uncharted 2.

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Assasins Creed 2 fixed most of the problems from the first game and it was overall just better.
I'll give a mention to Uncharted 2 though, just because they added so much to the second game.

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this does not imply that code veronica was a bad game

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Killzone 2?

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Zelda - A link to the past.
Super Mario World.
Super Metroid.

The change from 8bit to 16bit was epic. Wowed more than anything before and after.

uncharted,killzone in my view.

Probably Wii 2. It fixes all the problems everyone hates about the current one.


Red Steel 2