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SEGA's Handheld Re-Entry Imminent? Posted by Zach Morris at 05:45 PM on April 10, 2010 comments (4)

In the above thread is information about a new Hitachi glasses free 3D display for portable devices. Interestingly there is mention of a portable game machine utilizing the tech to be released before the end of the year.

So who is the manufacturer of this mystery device?

We know that it can't be Nintendo as the 3DS is using Sharp technology and isn't scheduled for release until spring 2011.

We know that it isn't Sony as they have publicly stated the next PSP shall not incorporate 3D technology.

We know that it can't be MS as they have their hands full with the ZuneHD.

We know that it can't be Apple as they also have their hands full with iPod Touch, iPhone & iPad.

In the 35-year-educated opinion of this author, that only leaves one other option. That being SEGA.

We have no sources or insider tips as we usually do, it is strictly an opinion.

No doubt all shall be revealed at E3 2010.


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You seem to "know" an awful lot of things you can't possibly, uh, know.

April Fools is already finished you are pretty late.

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A Bad Clown said:
More of this Zachary Morris crap? Stop advertising your webpage!

Well it worked for Maelstrom so no wonder others try to follow in his path.