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This site IS all free, but you need an invite to join. Its called Lockerz. It can take a while, or as soon as a week to redeem prizes. It IS real, I saved up for Modern Warfare 2, and they actually delivered it to me.


Use it as a regular 1-2 minute thing if you want, because you get 2 points for logging in daily and 2 points for answering a daily question. Its so fast and simple, and within a month you will get to 400 points easy, which is the amount of a brand new game.


Anyways, I'm here to invite any of you who want to try it, so just leave me your email addresses and I will invite you. GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF YOU!

Around the Network is my email, this site sounds interesting, thanks for sharing sounds interesting so might as well check it out thanks.

Let's check it out!

There you guys go, and theres a mini game you play when you first join, but you can only play once. I got about 30 points from it, my friend got 50. So make sure you close other windows so it doesnt get laggy or anything!

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i think you may have spelled my email wrong

there we go

I PM'd u my email.