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Fei-Hung said:
i prefer MAG cuz the tactical gameplay and teamwork involved. makes it a richer and deeper fps experience :)

If you want a richer and deeper experience play an rpg.  

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I love the scale, tactical aspect and support zipper is providing with MAG.

in MAG there's 8 players in a team not only 4, and if you're a platoon leader you can talk to your platoon of 31 other players or if you're OIC all 127 other players in your whole team. You can also talk to the enemy with the proximity chat if they are close enough, not everything you hear from the opposing side is pleasant. :P

Were getting 1.04 patch which is allready going through testing-phase, dunno what it contains though. Zipper's also working on the first DLC.

They're both really good games. I like that FPSs are starting to deviate a little from the formula that COD established with its small arena battles as both of these games are large scale and tactical.

I haven't had the chance to play BF yet but I love MAG. I just really wish that they wouldn't give us only three fucking maps per gametype because playing them over and over again is really repetitive

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I enjoyed Bad Company mostly because of the destructable environment, and a few other interesting features. I played MAG beta, and I didn't like it. It felt like a cheap version of Bad Company.

they are both great shooters, so either one is a great choice

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MAG, a different experience. But it depends on your taste :)

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well if you want to compare what you stated in the thread title, Battlefield 2 destroys MAG in every way possible.

Now what you mean, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, we have to split hairs. On console MAG wins, but versus the PC version of BFBC2, MAG is pretty much even with it.

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MAG looks great, Have not played it therefore i will not judge it but does look Promising
Bad Company 2 Online is amazing! One of the best online game i've played up to date


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