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Like all two weeks I googled after new informations about a possible european release.


This time I found atleast something (19/02/10). Still by no means a confirmation it could also be just nothing. 

A finish retailer has listed Demons Souls with a PEGI rating on the cover. Which shows 18 probably just a mistake or not ?


Here the links:




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almost posted....

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Yes almost. havent seen your thread If I had I wouldnt made another one but atleast it contains some new information.

everyone needs to play demons souls it was my GOTY in 2009, absolutely one of a kind

flowjo said:
everyone needs to play demons souls it was my GOTY in 2009, absolutely one of a kind

My GOTY as well.  Just an amazing game in so many ways. 

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I can buy it here (New Zealand) on a NZ website that sells imported games. But it's more expensive than importing the same (US version) of the game from Play Asia. It's not avialable through regular retail though.

Got a colleague over in Singapore for a week and I've put it on her shopping list to see if she can pick it up even cheaper.

It's an R16 game here.

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Hmm, this might be true but the boxart is probably a fake. Atlus wouldn't be the distributors if this game is released in Europe since they don't have a Euro branch.

I hope for Europe's sake that they do, indeed, get this as it's pretty amazing. (It's tied for my GOTY '09 with Muramasa.)

It could hit a mil. It deserves it damn it Sony hurry up!