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Forums - Website Topics - What happened to the shipped to date chart?

Hey, long time no see. :)

Back when I used to come more often, this site used to have a wonderful chart with the sales totals of every major console after the Ataris like the NES, Megadrive etc. It used to be fun to watch the current gen consoles go past milestones like the Dreamcast and Gamecube while still going strong, and even though it hadn't been updated in over a year the last time I saw it, it was nice to have around. However, it seems to have disappeared in my absence.

This is truly a shame, as it would've been very useful to me a few days ago. Me and a friend were wondering why Famicon games are so cheap here in Japan compared to NES games in Europe. A fully working console cost me around 30€, while priceless classics like Legend of Zelda or Final Fantasy can be bought for around half of that! I quickly realized that this was probably because the Famicon was very succesful in Japan, while the first console to really reach the masses in Europe was the Playstation. I was going to check the chart with Famicon/NES sales in Europe vs Japan to get an idea of the ratio, but couldn't find it.

Am I just being an idiot, or has the chart been removed entirely? If ioi feels it was too outdated to be useful, then that's definitely not the case. If there's some other issue preventing the use of the data, then I understand, but I thought I'd at least make it known that somebody found it useful.

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Companies have been changing there definition of shipment numbers so it's hard to compare apples with apples. It might come back in the future.

Ok, thanks for the answer.

Is there currently any data of NES/Famicon hardware sales available on the entire site?

Parokki said:
Ok, thanks for the answer.

Is there currently any data of NES/Famicon hardware sales available on the entire site?

I think theres a bit of Japan numbers but I think thats it. Just stick with Wiki for now when comes to LTD numbers for those older consoles.

well, the big thing was really Sony not providing regional breakdowns. It essentially made the chart a Nintendo shipments chart

As for NES data, there was a news article by The Source on historic hardware sales/shipments. You could try digging through the news articles to find it.

Also, remember that the Famicom wasn't discontinued in Japan until 2005. They stopped selling it before then, but they were doing repairs on systems.

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