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^ maybe we may see some characters from The last Story or Xenoblade

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I've always thought that Issac from golden sun would be awesome. He'd have some badass Dijinn Final Smash.

First we need confirmation of a new Smash Bros...

But frankly I already think the roster we got in Brawl was 90% perfect of what I wanted. The only things I wanted they didn't do was:

1. Wind Waker Ganondorf (which wasn't done due to them keeping the traditional Ganondorf from Melee revamped in the Twilight Princess style)
2. Krystal (They should have replaced one of the three 'semi' Fox clones with a new more original Star Fox characters, such as Krystal. I'd pick Falco for being the most Fox like).

Otherwise, everyone else in Brawl is already worthy to be there (aside from maybe Jigglypuff) and anyone else added to a future game is just extra fun.

Six upcoming games you should look into:



Little Mac is pretty much guaranteed - He got an AT last game and has now gotten a franchise revival. Others that are very likely due to the same reasons are Saki Amamiya and Isaac. I'm expecting all of those three, to be honest.

Besides that, I think we can expect somebody from The Last Story, if it becomes a hit like I hope. I'd want King K. Rool in it, but apparently Nintendo don't want him in so yeah. I think, in general, we can expect a lot of characters from new franchises or franchises that have grown. Mario, for example, already has every important character from the series in the game. Same goes for Zelda and Kirby. So I think it'd be more aimed towards new/revived franchises than before.

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The next one? Phew, that's years away.
Anyway, I'd love to see some more 3rd party characters, although there are quite a few Nintendo 1st party characters that'd be awesome!

- Phoenix Wright
- Viewtiful Joe
- Megaman
- Bomberman
- Amaterasu from Okami
- Some characters from the Advance Wars games
- Cooking Mama
- The Elite Beat Agents (actually playing as 3 characters at once, using dance moves to fight would be awesome)
- Midna
- Rayman
- Raving Rabbid
- Prince of Persia
- Leon S. Kennedy (perhaps some other RE characters as well...)
- Maxwell from Scribblenauts (that would make for some interesting gameplay)
- That guy from Hotel Dusk (can't remember his name right now)
- Those Sin & Punishment characters (even though I despised the game, I like the characters )
- Jack from Madworld (celshaded B/W character ftw)
- De Blob
- Travis Touchdown
- Aiai or whatever his name is from Monkey Ball
- Zack & Wiki
- Michael Ford

... That's all I can think of right now. Anyway, HAL have A LOT of options for the next game.

Also, and Endless Ocean arena would be most welcome. As well as a random swarm of ocean creatures as an assist trophy.

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There are hundreds of characters I'd want to see in the next Smash Bros, but I'm gonna list the ones that have at least the slightest chance of being included.

-Travis Touchdown (Suda51 has already mentioned he'd want Travis in the next Smash Bros.)
-Little Mac (Now that Punch-Out!! is out, Lil' Mac's popularity has increased enough to include him as a playable character.)
-Gengar (He's awesome.)
-Ganondorf with a new move-set (Don't tell he wouldn't be awesome swinging his sword around like a lunatic.)
-Mega Man (They let Sonic in because of the whiny fans. Why not Mega Man?)
-Bowser Jr. (He might actually have a interesting move-set, kinda like a mix between Diddy Kong, Bowser and Mario.)
-King K. Rool (He's even more awesome than Gengar.)
-Simon Belmont (He is f***ing Simon Belmont!)
-Gray Fox (1 word: NINJA!)
-Zero (Imagine Ike a little faster, lighter and wielding a goddamn lightsaber!)
-Wolf Link (Not a separate character, more like Sheik or Zero Suit Samus.)
-Pokemon Trainer (Except that this time the characters aren't Squirtle, Ivysaur and Charizard. They're Bulbasaur, Charmeleon and Blastoise.)

from third party
rewarded of great game on wii
-de blob (with stage)
-zack and wiki (as one) and one level of the original game as stage
-jack from madworld with varrigan city as stage
-travis from no more heroes and no more heroes 2 santa destroy stage
-king corobo from little king story (similair gameplay as olimar)
-leon s kennedy with village from Resident evil 4.
-somme street fighter guy
-megaman (with nes first stage as mario bros on brawl)
-super mii (your mii with super hero clothe)
-some heroes from tales of symphonia 1 and 2 with sylvarant stage
-tales of graces
-vyse, fina and aika from skies and arcadia with delphinus as stage
-baten kaitos heros
-arc rise of fantasia guy
-momohime and kikasu from muramsa

-wii menu with channel
-world of goo
-okami stage

deblob and king corobo would be awesome, Although from first party little mac, princess daisy(who should get her game tbh), a boy and his blob and roaslina.

When ev a chracter appears in a At they usaully appear in the roster

1. Travis Touchdown (No More Heroes series)
2. Ryu (Street Fighter series)
3. Little Mac (Punch-Out!!)
4. Mega Man (Mega Man series)
5. Simon Belmont (Castlevania series)
6. Leon Kennedy (Resident Evil 4)

7. Amaratsu (Okami)