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Forums - General Discussion - How many of you will miss me!?


How many of you will miss me!?

Nope! 14 26.42%
OMG DONT GOOOOO!!! 19 35.85%
yes :'( 5 9.43%
I give her five minutes...she'll be back 6 11.32%
lol bacon get out of her account! 3 5.66%
lololololol NO! 6 11.32%



I just hate the drama of this site...It hurt me!
*looks at okeydokey and many others*


I just wanted to tell you that ur fave member NFG is leaving..ill miss my account!! SRSLY!


well i know what you peeps are going to say "I give her 5 minutes." No! I'm srs...I'll browse this site...ill lurk on this friggin site looking at my fellow friends have fun and! >_>

some of you'll ILL TOTALLY MISS ;-; soooo...i has links in profile spamming! i swearill...nvm! >_> *sigh*


Good times...Good times!~

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Arent you overreacting?

N64 is the ONLY console of the fifth generation!!!

Yeah, she is. And I didn't feel like permabanning an acount to have it unbanned when she wants to inevitably come back, so I just banned her for the offense and were done with it, after all, she'll come back