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Forums - General Discussion - Soriku vs. RolStoppable

Due to the insane amount of requests I received from dozens of members (okay, in reality only --OkeyDokey-- and Soriku himself asked for it), I looked through my mailbox to put this thread together. The PMs shown in this thread are not much different to the usual discussions Soriku and I have in the forum, but of course I left out the PMs about really private matters, so you won't see anything about the messages when Soriku and I discussed the problems he had with his Wii.


Wii FC and nickname or "First try"

S: Give me yours and I'll give mine ^_^

R: Not until your posts get better. ^_^

S: :(

Can I get your Wii FC? or "Second try"

S: I asked before .

R: And I said before not until your posts get better. You still create quite a lot of useless and/or flamebait threads and you like to troll once in a while.

But anyway, besides Mii exchange and messages there isn't much use for trading Wii codes at this point. If you are really desperate to get my code though, you might change your avatar to something Kim Possible related (in a positive way, no Gballzack hentai picture).

Same number posts :O or "Back then when Soriku wasn't a VGChartz god"

S: 1945 and 1945 .

R: And this is where the war should end, just like World War II, 1945.

S: Lol.


I'm at post 2000! or "September 9th"

S: Beat you


Warhawk now down to 5.97 or "Soriku continues to send me pointless messages"

S: Lol O_o


How long is Baten Kaitos Origins? or "How I got myself into big trouble"

S: Say first time through? 100% and normal. Need to get this + BK.

R: 40 to 50 hours the first time. 100 % for the first time, hm. 100+ hours probably.

S: Thanks, lol, pretty long, must buy


Btw or "I guess you would like to know more about the quote in question"

S: I remember that quote. Just forgot it was that one X_X

R: You fail.

Yeah, I know that there's no reason for me to say this, I just thought I should send you a short hate mail.


Hey, du fauler Sack or "Why don't you care for your own Zelda elimination game?"

R: Your elimination game needs you. Three people (including you) have posted at practically the same time and now the scores are messed up. In the mean time another person has voted and pasted the messed up numbers. Clear things up now, before it gets even worse.

S: *Soriku to the resuce*

We have to team up or "How Soriku and I made The Wind Waker the winner of the Zelda elimination game"

R: Yes, this is serious. I know you like The Wind Waker so I suggest that we both are going to vote for it and deduct points from ALttP and LA at the same time.

S: Deal.

*NOTE: Of course we failed, because while I had to wait to post my third vote, Soriku was busy spamming other parts of the forum instead of voting for The Wind Waker. Link's Awakening won.*


Profile headlines or "My failed attempt to inspire Soriku to start another pointless thread"

R: Hey, have you noticed that the profile headlines only show up at the bottom of the frontpage for 5 random users at a time and in the view all users section?

But they don't appear when you actually view a profile. That sucks, don't you think? "View profile" is the most important place to display the headline, but it's missing there.

S: lol wut

R: Let me explain: Your headline is "Kingdom Hearts III for the Wii", right?

But it doesn't show up when someone views your profile. Don't you think this sucks? Btw, do you know what my profile headline is?

S: Erm...I don't care.

R: Wrong. It's "Wii can do anything".


STUPID UMBRA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or "That's how many exclamation points fit in the subject title"

S: OK, I'm in the Lava Caves in BKO and I'm fighting Bein right now after he transformed into an umbra.

Sagi is lvl 12. Guillo lvl 11. Milly lvl 12.

Now he killed me...I dunno...30+ times? >_>

This guy is a PAIN. Give me tips. Should I lvl up?

R: *Four paragraphs of tips to beat the umbra.*

S: Hmm...OK :D Thanks.


Was Soriku able to beat the umbra? Did he sent me more pointless messages? Find out in the next episode of Soriku vs. RolStoppable.

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RolStoppable said:

Same number posts :O or "Back then when Soriku wasn't a VGChartz god"

S: 1945 and 1945 .

R: And this is where the war should end, just like World War II, 1945.

S: Lol.


Soriku,you are a stalker. ;)

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Soriku just promise one thing: when you reach 3 million in VG$ you will help the orphans.

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lol that was a nice and funny read

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ItsaMii said:
Soriku just promise one thing: when you reach 3 million in VG$ you will help the orphans.

OK, I will help the orphans at Hassaleh

Haha I liked the first one.

Thanks, good read.