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Yup, we're creating a group of people to play Critter Crunch with.

For the uninitiated, Critter Crunch is a PSN game made by Capybara Games. It's a puzzler that revolves around feeding smaller critters to larger critters until they explode, all in order to digest the delicious diamonds the critters drop when they explode. You can read the VGC review for more info on the game.

I will still briefly introduce the multiplayer modes though. You have Versus and Coop, both online and locally.

Coop is about solving normal Critter Crunch Survival Mode situations, but with two players instead of one.

Versus is about two players each recieving their own set of vines, seperate from the other. Whenever a player fills their hunger bar, another row of critters will spawn for the opponent. There are a set of power foods exclusive to this mode, that will hamper your opponent in various ways, as well as some of the normal power foods. Once the critters of one player, reaches the bottom of the vines and come down, said player has lost the game. By winning games, you rise in level, and unlock more power foods that can be had while playing.


So, if anyone out there are looking for someone to play with or against, join this group of people who like to play this gem of a game online! If there is enough interest, we could do a tournament.

VGC Username / PSN ID:
Rainbird / Rainbird01
dsister44 / Dsister44
Boutros / simcloutier
CaseyDDR / CaseyDDR
DaBuddahN / DaBuddahN
chanskie / chanskie
Severance / PullusPardusUS 

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Sign me up!


And you are signed up!

This game looks sexually explicit. I'm not sure my mom will let me play it with you guys.

Rubbish, of course she will. You have a Flower reference in your sig, so you're forgiven of everything automatically

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I demand to be put on top! Due to the outcomes of our last matches! :P

Dream on little man

It makes a while since I played :/
I'll probably be rather bad but I'm in anyway!

PSN ID: simcloutier (That's not my real name :S lol)

You'll live, and you just need a bit of training anyway. Once you start not getting beat up all the time, things get fun

Boutros said:
It makes a while since I played :/
I'll probably be rather bad but I'm in anyway!

PSN ID: simcloutier (That's not my real name :S lol)

You should still be able to beat Rainbird :)