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Hey guys,

I thought we need to talk about this:

Dead Space Extraction sold 9000 copies in September. It was 5 days on the market, but 9k is not much anyway. Let's be honest here, this is a MAJOR flop. Not even the typical Wii legs will turn this game into a success.

This could have an impact on other hardcore games coming to the Wii.

EA said previously that the performance of Extraction would influence the company's decision to create mature-content games for Wii in the future, and Divnich implied that the publisher’s decision not to heavily market the title may have been based on the poor performance of other mature-rated Wii games released while Extraction was still in development.


So we can still say hardcore games won't sell on the Wii? Let's check:

  • The conduit --> 0.27 million
  • Madworld --> 0.31 million
  • Dead Space Extraction --> currently at 0.05m but obviously overtracked. 0,02 or 0,03 is probably right.

Just for comparison, the Xbox360 version of Dead Space sold 223k and the PS3 version 170k week one.


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It's on-rails. I define that as soft-core. I don't care about setting, atmosphere, or anything else, it's on-rails and therefore not hardcore.

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It's upsetting but at the same time, as others have pointed out, it's essentially a rail shooter. I think Wii fans are getting tired of rail shooters. Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles and House of the Dead 2 & 3 were good but I think the Wii owners would rather get out and explore a little more. I honestly don't think Darkside Chronicles is going to do nearly as well as Umbrella Chronicles either.

THe interesting thing about it is that the rail shooters generally get really good reception from critics but overall, the game type just doesn't really seem to interest most gamers on the Wii anymore.

Is this the 3rd or 4th thread about this?

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You have a flaw in your way of thinking.

When a Wii game fails to perform, it's the machine's fault.

When an X360 game fails to perform, it's the game's fault, not the machine's.

You also ignore that quite a few "mature" games on Wii have seen a good profit; the call of Duty franchise, the Resident Evil franchise, Red Steel and probably some more. This means that the possible purchasers are there, they just didn't buy the games you listed.


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Have you looked at COD:W@W? Resident Evil 4? Tiger Woods?

it is a RAIL SHOOTER. let me just repeat again. ON-RAILS. i would never waste my money on a rail shooter no matter how critically acclaimed it is. Having owned the original dead space on pc i can guarantee i would have bought a quality dead space game on the wii. Just not an on-rails waste of time.






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Yeah its not the marketing or EA failing but the machine (Wii) fault.....
I mean no Wii gamer gonna buy a bloody game for their 5 year old child who is playing
Wii Fit Plus with their grandma. Its gonna freak them out LMAO.
So mature games are a no-no in Nintendo's systems.
Thats what i think BTW so no trolling or flaming all right???

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Why did you put "we need to talk about it" in your thread title? There's a million other threads about it, and we're all pretty much in agreement that nobody cares about this game, its lack of marketing (it's just a test), its lack of effort (it's just a test), its lack of sales, its lack of quality, or its lack of fans. Nobody cares and nobody likes it. We really don't need to talk about it. Anymore.

I played about 3/4 way through before I got sick of it. Seems like they made a big effort, but some of the guns are pretty dumb and damn its repetitive. Have to say though, as a reformed wii hardcore, if you want to play hardcore games get a ps3 or an xbox, stop torturing yourself with this kind of crap before you miss out on a whole generation of good games.