Forums - Gaming Discussion - I'm calling MGS4 as game of the year.

Nothing else comes close. Not GTA 4, not Gears/Resistance 2, not Wii music or Animal Crossing or Little Big Planet. Metal Gear Solid 4 Game of the year easy. That's my opinion.

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MGS4 is the game that i think most deserves GOTY.... i was disappointed with R2.... im curently playing GoW2 and its great yes but still much more of the same so...NO... and i think GTA4 was overrated and just didnt feel like a fresh new game....

I agree it was the best end to a 20 year old franchise!

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Personally I felt the racing and crashing was much more fluid in Burnout Paradise, so I'm going to go with that for Game of the Year so far.

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Sorry but i will go with Brawl :P

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mgs4 ftw

This game is priceless and I will buy it over and over again in the generations to come.


nice... opinion

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MGS4 will receive several awards for GOTY, and for those gaming sites that cant have PS3 game winning GOTY, Im so sure they will pick GTA IV its not even funny.

Just like GT last year, despite sayiing Uncharted had the best visuals on a console to date, guess what they gave best visuals to?



kirby007 said:
nice... opinion


IT's great that you think this opinion is better than yours.