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I'm not hyping. This is literally my least hyped Sony PS3 exclusive possibly. Even if the game looked better than this, graphics don't make the game for me.

So I'm not hyping and liking the game just cause I think the Helghast looks amazing, I'm just saying I love how the character looks.

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Here is some more... you're talking about 'cloth' texturing and 'cloth physics' where better to get a good example??? NHL 08 has great looking cloth...

Wow even Def Jam Icon has a cloth technique almost as good... this shot is NOT impressive.

http://img528.imageshack.us/img528/7850/nhldjizt5.jpg - Click for full res

The more and more I analyse it the less and less I think it is any good... I'm being overly critical and I should wait for more shots but I'll do the same to them.

libellule said:

Will we have some VIDEO visual released from E3 ?

YES ? or NO ?

If someone know ...

Sony is only showing Killzone 2 via invite behind closed doors at E3. So more than likely, we won't get any video of the game. If Killzone 2 truly looked impressive Sony would be shouting it from the rooftops and releasing a bevy of screenshots. Their secrecy and silence speaks volumes. How early can the game be along when it was one of the first PS3 titles announced for development? Its been over 2 years since the CGI trailer of E3 2005.

Not to mention that speculation points towards a February 2008 release. This game shouldn't be going through graphic engine development anymore, it should be going through gameplay tweaking and into beta testing. Alpha periods are purely for implementing features and whatnot into a game, the Beta testing is the time for no more additions to be made but for everything to be configured to perfection.



"I think the Helghast looks amazing, I'm just saying I love how the character looks. "

==> I aggry cklmb, character design is great for me too

"Their secrecy and silence speaks volumes"

==> I think the same in a way, they fear gamer reaction.

Time to Work !

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I think it looks very good, I dont know how you can say it dosent look like the trailer, there is no movement in the picture. It's just a still shot, if you are going to hate on a game just to hate then why post. I read alot of the forums here and on other sites and I really don't understand the hate people bring to certan systems. If you dont like the PS3 then dont buy it, but start nit picking one screen shot out of the 1 million screens from the game, thats just pathetic.

The hate comes from the fact that up until now we've had nothing but false expectations given to us by Sony and Guerilla themselves. Now that something truly indicative has come about, it's left a bitter taste in my mouth and I imagine other people's as well.

Also, people expected Killzone 2 to look amazing. The first sold mostly on the fact that it was a good looking game for the PS2, despite the fact that in gameplay it was boring and unimaginative. If we're being told to expect amazing things then the simple fact is that they have to deliver on their promises. Killzone 1 sucked, so they have to do some pretty amazing things to make the sequel at least a semi-decent game.



IGN has been like the only large version of that picture I've seen, so they probably just threw in some pixels. I guess that shot is being lit from the muzzle flash, a Killzone developer was answering some questions in a thread on official Sony forums, but ended Q&A earlier this morning.

Heres a second screen shot of Killzone 2


It looks pretty good but still needs more polish