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Forums - General Discussion - Snake 612 and The Ghost of RubangB will be joining forces.

I, Snake612 and The Ghost of RubangB will be doing something for the first time. We will be join forces! through July 14-17, we will join our shows together and create Real Talk: The E3 2008 Edition! We are planning to give you the latest on e3 from sony, nintendo, and microsoft the day they are announced.


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now that's real ;)

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Awesome. It might be better now :)

Good idea. This will end some ruthless bashing.

I still think that Rubang could do a good job on his own, but I guess you couldn't muck it up too much.

So how are you guys gonna do it?

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Oh, I was wrong.

cool, good luck guys, E3 should be awesome and i look forward to your anylasis of it

okr said:
Oh, I was wrong.


Yeah. Looking forward for your take on this awesome event. I want some Fallout 3 gameplay footage, damnit.

it will be something no one will forget. It will be two threads.