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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Robocop: Rogue City - AA fan service game done right

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Anyone else playing this? It came out Thursday (or a couple days earlier if you bought the extra big ass version). It's a AA first person shooter set in the Robocop world. There are also open world and RPG elements as you can walk around Detroit looking for quests and crimes to cite people for. There is also a set of skills you can upgrade and adding to the RPG elements, some of these skills affect the way you can tackle quests and open up new dialogue options. For example, one mission had a couple of dudes barricaded in a room. I could try to talk them out of the room or force my way in, but because I had upgraded my engineering ability to a certain level, Robocop could tell that toxic fumes were seeping into the room through the ventilation because of some explosions that had happened earlier. I told the dudes inside and one of them quickly ran out because of asthma.

But the best part of the game is how well it portrays the Robocop universe and how much of a fan service it is. They did an amazing job putting in the dark humor and over the top brutality of the movies into the game. Apparently this dev also made Terminator Resistance game that was also very good and very fan friendly.

Perfect length, 12-15 hours without exploring every nook and cranny
Fun gameplay that combines FPS and RPG and rewards you for exploring
Amazing voice work including some of the original actors (including Peter Weller)
$60, not $70

Rough around the edges (it is AA after all)
Some of the voice acting is doodoo (main villain always seems to be whispering)

Also, the game is pretty gorgeous. I am playing on performance mode, so it could look even better.

Couple night shots around the city:

Cop being tortured

The police station from the movie

Boss fight against ED-209

I hope the pictures format correctly.

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I bought it but haven't played it yet. The devs made the termiator game which I enjoyed on the ps5, so I expect to have some fun in this game. Imagine if this game ends up feeling better than starfield lol.

Not sure if I need to keep pushing $60 as some expected thing when the standard has moved but other than that good to hear!

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