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Forums - PC Discussion - Need advice - which (Gaming-)Laptop should I get?

Hey Boys,

it's been a while.

My current Laptop is not really doing its job anymore and I need a new one and YES, it has to be a Laptop, because I am using it at work as well.
But I play during my lunchbreaks and every now and then, so I need a decent one.

Games I want to play:

  • Farthest Frontier (highly recommend it btw)
  • Counter Strike 2
  • Maybe Call of Duty Warzone

I don't want to spend too much money on it, since I have an okayish Gaming PC at home (Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 super).
Can you recommend me a decent system for ~1,500€ that can play these games easily?

Thank you!

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It depends, those titles are not that demanding. if you go for a dedicated GPU a solution with an RTX 4050 will be sufficient. You can even have a decent gaming experience on a recent laptop APU.
Since you're using it for work I'll suggest Lenovo, I love their designs and reliability, and in my opinion, fits a working environment better than some others, especially with models with some gaming capabilities (their legion lineup).

Below I used Lenovo France because it was easier to navigate for me but I believe you'll find the equivalent in other countries and hopefully with the same pricing. I think Lenovo site links are all standardized so you just have to replace the /fr/fr part with your country code to have an equivalent offering.

Lenovo Yoga 7735U (full Radeon 680m) 16 GB (999 (FR) (they're a configurable version but I'll go with the basic one, it features the best variant of CPU, and the configurable one does not let you upgrade the ram either )

Legion 5 With 16GB and RTX 4050 (1583 (FR))

Legion 5 With 32 GB RAM and a very potent RTX4070 (1899€ (FR)) That's the one I'd go for, but I work & primarily game on a laptop

I'm not too familiar with European pricing but all option above seems reasonable and in line with their capabilities especially since they all feature some discount right now.

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A RTX 4060 upwards would give ample room.

Quality build laptops highly customizable depending on your needs.