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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Best of June 2023 Nintendo Direct (Day 3)


Best of June 2023 Nintendo Direct (Day 3)

Manic Mechanics 0 0%
Silent Hope 0 0%
Sonic Superstars 10 6.71%
Vampire Survivors 10 6.71%
Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince 13 8.72%
The Legend of Zelda: TotK... 5 3.36%
Super Mario RPG Remake 84 56.38%
Pikmin 4 20 13.42%
Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon 6 4.03%
Fae Farm 1 0.67%

As with the previous 2 weeks, going to split this up into a few different days. I randomized the list and tried to separate the same IPs (though with the mushroom kingdom, its difficult so I apologize for any overlap.

And now for Day 3. Will it be close like yesterday's poll or will one title lead the wave.

Manic Mechanics

Silent Hope

Sonic Superstars

Vampire Survivors

Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Zelda and Ganon Amiibos

Super Mario RPG Remake

Pikmin 4

Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon

Fae Farm

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Of course Super Mario RPG is the big one everyone is excited about and Pikmin 4 looks awesome and like a big step forward for the franchise. But I'm actually more excited about Luigi's Mansion 2 coming to Switch.
The new TotK Amiibos also look great.

Super Mario RPG remake was of course one of the bigger highlights of the show and appart from Pikmin 4 or the announcement of a new Dragon Quest Monsters, nothing quite jumped at me in the list

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I still can't believe the Super Mario RPG remake is happening, watching that trailer filled me with joy.

I've only played one DQ Monsters game, but I really liked it. I look forward to giving this one a try. I also want to say that I'm about as interested in Sonic Superstars, but I ended up voting for DQ Monsters just barely.