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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Resident Evil 7 - Biohazard Vs. Resident Evil 8 - Village


The best game is

Resident Evil 7 4 30.77%
Resident Evil 8 9 69.23%

Which one is the best game and why?

I still need to play Village, but 7 was one of my favorite horror games ever.

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The first half of RE7 is better than RE8, yet RE8 is better on the whole.
RE8 builds to a great finale (does get kinda easy in the end as supplies are pretty abundant)

Adore the series and 8 is still great but 7 is my favorite in the series

Absolute horror perfection and every part of it is permanently etched in my brain

I think RE Village tried too hard to be RE4, and then 2 years later we got RE4 Remake which is a better RE4 style game than RE Village.