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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Tears of the Kingdom DLC Ideas

I know we're just a few short weeks removed from the launch of Tears of the Kingdom, but I'm sure that many are finishing up this epic adventure and chomping at the bit for new experiences in this crazy game world.

So where do you stand on DLC?  Are you excited to pay more to do more in this unfamiliar Hyrule?  And if you are, how much do you think you're willing to spend?

What DLC ideas would you like to see Nintendo try?

And finally, when do you think that DLC will likely get announced/released?

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5 ways to improve Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom that I want to see in DLC:

1. Let us rebuild and populate the destroyed villages of Hyrule (such as Mabe Village, Deya Village or Hyrule Castle Town) via side missions.
2. Let us dive and explore underwater (with new underwater zora villages and enemies), and add moving boats/ships and pirate skirmishes.
3. Add Darknuts (and make battling them as enjoyable and complex as fighting Lynels).
4. Add the Hookshoot.
5. Add cats.

These are the only 5 things that in my opinion prevent BotW and TotK from being perfect.

Just add a "equip full set" option in the equipment menu, and let me pet the dogs ffs.

My biggest hope for DLC is much more involved shrines. I love the shrines, but this time around it seems like they leaned towards the shorter side of things, which I appreciated since they are a means to an end (getting more life/stamina) than the core gameplay experience that we get from the rest of the game. That being said, I do love how limiting they can be, and those limitations force you to consider the game from a different angle. I'd love a series of larger shrines with multiple components needing to come together to make progress within each one. I don't need them to be as large as a traditional dungeon, but perhaps closer in scope to a divine beast.

I'd also like to see a series of challenges/races for your builds. TotK gives you so much freedom that many of the things you need to accomplish can be done in a variety of ways and at some point the challenge drops a bit. Challenges and races would put limitations on what you have at your disposal for crafting as well as limit the amount of time you have to perform each challenge.

Adding to the previous idea, I would love to be able to race head to head with another player in these challenges/races. Give players a set amount of time to create their builds, then start the clock as both attempt to reach a specific destination. This could be done in the over world, but could also be done in more of a closed shrine setting.

I also like the idea of doing more building/restoring of Hyrule, as someone mentioned before. There are so many ways to go about this, including requiring certain resources to build various rooms, or the need to barter with different villages for the use of special rooms that could be used in construction. You could also have to find various rooms and/or furniture scattered across all of Hyrule.

I honestly think there are a lot of spinoff titles that could emerge from the world they have created here and I'd love to see Nintendo almost treat it as its own IP. It's no wonder the developers decided to return to this engine and this Hyrule after all they work they put into it, and we can see how flexible it is for evolution. throw a couple smaller teams together and let them create some wacky, zany experiences while the next mainline Zelda is being cooked. We've got 6-10 years until the followup, and as much as I love HD remakes of the older titles, I wouldn't mind a few quirky spinoffs to tide us over until the next main course.

I want to see more old school bosses showing up.

Perhaps a portal that leads to a alternate Hyrule or world (doesnt have to be big in size) enough to warrant a decent side story and some re imagining of older bosses (not that the ones they brought back to the base game but others I mean like from other games in the series).

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Top down puzzle rooms where you play as Zelda.

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!

A horse with wings. Or maybe one of the birds you ride on in skyward sword.

Online pirate ship battles or at least a big sidequest that involves building a pirate ship made for battles at sea.

More dungeons.

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