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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Is it ok to be amused by a game launching broken/bad?

I'm not talking about being happy that the game is broken or bad.
That's a very different thing.

For example, I had no interest in ever playing Balan Wonderworld before it launched. Even if it had turned out to be a good game, there are so many good games to play that I'd probably never get to it.
However, I think Dunkey's video on it is genuinely entertaining, and worth watching.

So I got some value out of its existance.
Same with the Cyberpunk bug compilations and memes.

Or recently, SkillUp's review of Redfall, which I think is a highly entertaining watch.

I don't hope for games to be terrible, because at best it's just a bit of potential entertainment for me, which I can easily get elsewhere.
A lot of people worked hard on these games for years, hoping that players would enjoy playing them.
They may even lose their job, even though it wasn't their decision to launch it unfinished.

And that's where I can feel a bit guilty for finding these kind of videos entertaining.

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I would say it's entertaining for those that didn't buy the game lol. After all, people always have more fun when it comes at other peoples expense

Yes, of course! It's pretty normal for people to have a laugh en masse about buggy games. A friend recently introduced me to an old popular video making fun of Gothic 3's bugs. These kind of things are always worth a laugh.

Still need to watch redfall reviews to have a good laugh, i always enjoy a good meme /bugs compilation .the only thing i know about redfall its that the human proportions and proportions in general are horrible and game looks so fucking bad


Well skate 3 isn't my best skateboarding game for no reason

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I mean, sure? Derision is one of the main ways people have always pegged something as inadequate.

Might make game companies learn not to pull that sort of crap again.






Yes, esp AAA games that are chasing trends and not actually trying to do anything new. Like Turtle Rock Studios chase trends and are scummy esp with Evolve and B4B. Cyberpunk devs were scummy. Usually go hand in hand with these failures. Not always but often. Chasing trend/Scummy Devs and/or publisher.

Then there are cases like Babylons fall where Square changed direction late in development and whatever was worked on had to be redone and rushed out the door. Hurting the contracted independent studio. Tho SE's trend last several years is at least one failure a year. Tho I will say on Forspoken. Technical performance aside. I'm not sure how much of that is on SE and more on the studio down to the fundamentals of that game are not very good. It was never going to be good even if it was 4k 60FPS on PS5.

Cyberpunk even after all the updates. It still crashed a bunch on PS5 for me. The game does nothing new to the GTA-ish genre. It has all the same tropes bad and standard of every AAA game these days. Pretty cookie cutter. It does nothing new. It does nothing exceptionally well. The writing is atrocious. It's a very average high-budget game in the end even if it's more stable. (Ascent is still the best Cyberpunk game in the last 3 years)

Balan. When was the last good game designed and developed by Yuji Naka? He was always iffy since leaving SEGA. Not sure he has had a good game since then. So it always looked bad.

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I guess it depends. Skyrim had (has) a ton of bug/glitches, but I find it its part of the charm, and none of them break the game as far I know.

Cyberpunk's bugs were funny. I mean penises flying everywhere, I didn't understand why and how

Balan Wonderworld less funny, it was just "ugh, really"

I will never not be amused by tiny trees, and I will not be sorry for being amused by it.