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Forums - PC Discussion - Disable Intel Graphics?

My laptop has a GTX 3050 and intel iris.  I have noticed at times it will u se the iris and not GTX3050?  Is there a way to disable intel graphics and run just the GTX 3050?  If so should I do this and how do I do this?  

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Usually that's there for battery life.  

Use the intel for low work applications and the GTX for rendering.

I think the biggest reason to disable the intel graphics is if for some reason the laptop isn't switching when it should. 

You have to go into Nvidia control panel > Manage 3d Settings > Then Change "Preferred Graphics Processor" from "Auto Select" to "High-Performance Nvidia processor" > Click Apply.

As the-pi-guy said, it's for battery life. Most of the time, it should auto switch when detecting the game but sometimes, it doesn't so you have to manually do it. It's important to switch back to auto select if you want a good battery life however.


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Thank you Yuri.  That was exactly what I was looking for and has solved my issue.  Much appreciated.