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Forums - General Discussion - People who got banned by the the BlackCockHacker represent!!!


Did You got banned by the BlackCock hacker?

Yes i survived but i enjoyed it ! 6 25.00%
No , i feel left out, why he left me out... 14 58.33%
Wtf are you talking about? What did i missed. 4 16.67%

Helo, like you all know , we all survived the BlackCockalipse.

But not all had the pleasure , the badge of honor, to be permabanned by the BlackCock Hacker.

So if you are one of the lucky vgcharters to be permabanned come and share your experience and your feelings to your fellow users touched by the BlackCock.

Lets make this event a happy one , lets bond together , set aside our divergences in this god forsaken gaming site and celebrate.

The 2 october should be a vgchartz holiday every year and we should celebrate this date forever.

Btw , a thank you to Talon , because he was not  banned , no , he was possesed by the BlackCock himself , such a traumatic event and he already working hard to fix this site and fix our souls.

Thank you Talon?

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Yo, I got banned by them! Can't help but wonder if it's because I posted on an article asking if the site was hacked. This was before the pictures went up and only the article text had changed to "penis". Guess I drew their attention with that

I remember opening VGBC and seeing nothing but BBC. Thank god no one was behind me. looool

Why did he ban you guys though?

I got a message from Basil asking me why he was banned. Then I tried to log on and I was asking myself why I was banned. Then I saw a bunch of penises and thought to myself “this dream again…”

I don’t even know if I was. ?

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I was definitely not banned, despite being active at the time of the incident :P.

I am guessing some of you guys argued with the perp a bit in the past + all of staff being banned for obvious reasons.

I hope we get the truth someday, people wants to know what was the reason some had been blessed by a ban and some dont.



So that's why I was banned.

Thanks, Talon. :)

Not banned, " blessed " by the cock.


This thread belongs in the VGchartz HOF. lol