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Nintendo's take on the shooter genre has always been extremely unique. However, that doesn't necessarily mean the series is growing between entries: a symptom we witness with Call of Duty. Does this game push into new ground?

Here's the "OMG-CLICKBAIT-TITLE-THIS-POST-ISN'T-PORN-RELATED!!!111" written version:

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This thread will be fun.

Honestly 7.5/10 seems fair. It's fun but like you said there's barely any cum and/or difference from splatoon 2. I've enjoyed my time with it but it still really seems like it should've been DLC for Splatoon 2. There are 5 new maps and a handful (I don't know the actual number) of new weapons, but the fact I paid $60 for this is a little disappointing. Graphics are largely unchanged, majority of the maps are from previous games, and there are no new game modes aside from the 1v2 for splatfests.