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My supporter status lapsed overnight.  This morning, when I wanted to renew, I found it impossible to do on mobile (Chrome, on Android).  The button just does not exist for me on mobile, even when choosing "view desktop site".  Considering that in 2022 a huge percentage of web browsing occurs on mobile devices, the lack of ability to easily sign up from one's phone is probably costing VGC quite a few supporter subs.

It has occurred to me that this problem may not be widespread.  However, I recall hearing at least a couple of similar complaints in the past, so I figure it makes sense to bring it to everyone's attention again.  

Finally, how about creating some longer subscription terms, or auto-renew?  I like longer subs, so that I don't have to think about renewals but I also don't have to worry about turning off auto-renew years down the line.  Either way though, I imagine it would help a bit with revenue via the Supporter program.  

I'd also like to hear thoughts about the program from other users.  So, please share.

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You're right, I guess I forgot the supporter button when doing the mobile version of the site. I'll have to find a place to insert it. As for longer terms, I guess that could be doable, something 2 and 3 years.

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I tried to add $5 for another 3 months but the site crashes every time. I have to clear all cookies and cache to get the site to work again or go in private mode.

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Banned for spamming the same post on the forums - TrunksWD

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Banned for spamming the same post on the forums - TrunksWD

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