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Metroid released on 8th Oct 2021, it has scored a healthy 88 on Metacritic by both Critics and Users.

This game had plenty of hyped behind it as its the sequel to one of the best side scrollers in Metroid Fusion (the 4th title) Dread is the 5th title in the 2D series. 

I finally finished the game, clocking in at 15 hours, however i did try to get everything on my first play through so i did a lot of back tracking and exploring. They do say you could complete this game between 7 to 9 hours. 


The game plays quite well and delivers the best of its Metroid style. The game is also quite difficult to beat especially the last boss. The game does offer difficultly spikes which can be frustrating at times. Every time i upgraded the Armour or main weapons, i would come across a boss type enemy which would put me back in my place which can take away from feeling more powerful however if you are a Metroid pro than you wouldn't have this issue. This is no Metroidvania game, this is a Metroid game.


Without spoiling the game, its the usual Metroid start, where you start off losing your powers and trying to reclaim them to reach the end. You would have seen the robots in the trailer which chase you, they are called E.M.M.I which are basically your worst nightmare, however they have a lot to live up to considering Fusion had the SA-X stalking you. The game is also about the X parasite which is basically Metroid food, however since the Metroids are extinct, the X parasite seems to be a threat again. The story is well worth the challenge and the ending is satisfying.


The game feels great. Controls are solid

Visuals look nice and really went for the Prime style

Game tells a great story

Feel amazing when fully powered up