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Forums - PC Discussion - Classic War Wind 1 and 2 Released on Steam

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For those RTS fans like myself, i just wanted to share that War Wind 1 and 2 have released on Steam.

Both War Wind 1 and 2 released on Sept 15 2021.

War Wind was developed by DreamForge Entertainment and Published by SSI in 1996 while War Wind 2 released in 1997 as a direct sequal.

The series is an old school, traditional RTS game for PC, if you are a fan of the RTS genre, then i recommend checking these games out. The 1st game was nominated by Computer Gaming World and CNET for Strategy Game of the Year in 1996 which was won by the juggernaut Civilization 2. War Wind 2 was given a 8/10 by GameSpot. There was no Metacritic for these games at the time.

The first game got released on in 2016 and went free in 2020. 

I loved these titles and its great to see them getting modern coverage and a digital treatment. Maybe there is a War Wind 3 in development? Fingers crossed.

(The games are old so expect clunky controls)

WAR WIND is Free to download on Steam

WAR WIND 2: HUMAN ONSLAUGHT is currently on Sale, 25% off at $6.37AU down from $8.50AU (Absolute peanuts)

Original Trailer

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