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Forums - Gaming Discussion - LttP but holy shit, Plague Tale is legit

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My internets has been down the last few weeks thanks to a shitty road crew so I’ve been running through some of the backlog. Finished all of the Mad Max achievements, played some Ass Creed Vikings for the first time since the day I came home with my Series X. Maneater, among others. But really got into Plague Tale: Innocence. 

What an amazing game. Literally everything about it is great except the one thing every game with stealth has issues with: dumbfuck AI. The graphics on SX are amazing, the puzzles are challenging without being frustrating. You’re given so much freedom to handle encounters however you want. And the writing, so good. I connected with the characters and felt for them in ways I haven’t in a vidya game in a long time. And this isnt a blockbuster game made by a huge studio. 

Just amazing. It’s dirt cheap most places now and is also on GamePass. Check it out.

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I enjoyed it, but would never had paid for it. There are a lot of scripted sections that force you to complete the level one particular way and if you don't, you die.

The section where a companion pushes the cart for example.

Forcing you to use lit torches in the most illogical way.

The story is great, the settings are amazing, the puzzles are fun, but there scripted sequences took me out of the game far too many times.

Still can't believe this was made by an Indie team. I finally got to experience this when it was for on PS+. For free, there are no response why not to experience the game.