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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Are all Supergiant games like Hades?

In that, you just play the same game over and over again? I've never played "Rogue" (so Rogue-like has no meaning to me, but perhaps my fault for not looking it up beforehand), but I didn't like Hades. Played it just long enough to "beat" the game once and stopped there. When I see how much there is left to unlock, I'm not surprised to read some people have put hundreds (some people nearly a thousand) hours in that game and it's discouraging for me who's a "near"-completionist. I don't have to unlock everything or get every trophy, but I like to get most of them. I play fewer games but the games I do play, I go all in.

I'm not looking to spend a lifetime playing the same game, the same levels, over and over again just to unlock a new item. I've always preferred short and intense experiences, like what Quantic Dream does.

Anyway, I actually have both Bastion and Transistor for the PS4 but never played more than a few minutes of Transistor. I can't find if those games (as well as Pyre) are all the same type of games or if there's actually and "end" and actual progression. Or if all their games are just grindfests to unlock weapons or items or whatever.

How long would you say it takes to nearly complete (as in, unlock most items/weapons/trophies) their other games (without skipping dialogue)? They aren't the types of games where you replay the same levels over and over again, are they? If I didn't like Hades, any chance I'll like their other games?

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No. Only Hades is a rogue like. Their other games are more traditional. 

But I'm pretty sure Hades also has an end. it's just tied into a rogue like gameplay loop.

I think Pyre has a different gameplay feel, but I can't remember.

Bastion and Transistor are pretty standard linear narrative games.
Pyre is a bit weird. The gameplay loop is pretty repetitive but the story is always moving forward. (It's basically a visual novel with some decision making elements where you play a fantasy sports match every few minutes. 

If you are looking for short and intense experiences, Bastion and Transistor have some of the best narratives in gaming (and some of the best music). They come highly recommended.

Never played Bastion. Transistor is great, well worth your time, it has a linear story but allows you to customise your playstyle well.

Pyre is a sports sim, I'm not even kidding. The story and style is all Supergiant yet the gameplay is literally just cool form of netball. :P This isn't to say it's bad, It's great infact. I enjoyed it.

One thing I like about Supergiant is their aren't seemingly tied down to having to do one genre of game, they have their style and design with unique and interesting game mechanics. Will happily support them when I can.

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