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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Resident Evil Music Video Created By Me! Hopefully, You Like It

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If u guyz haven't heard of him he made a bad ass Re4 music video and I was hoping to replicate his success HAHA which is a long shot but dayumn this guy was dope!

Here's my latest music video of resident evil games hopefully U like it!

are u guyz hyped for RE V|||age?

this was my 1st: (it was on my happy 25th bday topic post!)

kinda sloppy / didnt have a thumbnail haha!

and my 2nd:

a little bit refined? i hope haha!

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hopefully u guyz like my video hahaha!

nobody knows ray pinot?

well its been a long time now hasn't?

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Just start playing the first one and having memories. I'm trying hard to remember the game i played with similar music.

Check this Animation about a Police Officer     Police Checkpoint

God I remember RE4, a revolution for its time.

Indeed it was