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Forums - Sales Discussion - Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin sold a combined 500k

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Via Famitsu:

Famitsu announced that the recently released Game reached a combined 500k units sold.

That includes retail sales + digital sales on Switch and PS4 and PC sales on Steam.

The indie game released on November 10th in the US, November 12th in Japan and November 20th in Europe.

Sadly no platform split was given

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Strong sales, well done.

duduspace11 "Well, since we are estimating costs, Pokemon Red/Blue did cost Nintendo about $50m to make back in 1996"

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Is that good? I want this game but it might have to wait a little while.

Picked up the collector's to add to my backlog but it's definitely something I want to play sooner. My friend also purchased and is currently playing this and is loving it.

I got this for Switch and have played about five hours. It's very fun! The farming is like a very focused and more expanded Harvest Moon. One crop only so far, but caring for it has more steps. I could probably grow rice in real life now because it's taught me everything about spacing, water level, water temperature, fertilizer, harvesting, drying, shucking, grinding, etc. The 2D battle sections are fun, but I'm bad at them. Overall, I'm enjoying it so far.

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I think they would announce 1 million before the 25th, seeing the crazy numbers Momotaro is doing - makes me think Sakuna isn't that far behind, especially when it debuted pretty well in South Korea & Taiwan. Physically the game debuted in 2nd Place in Taiwan, while it didn't make the Top 5 in South Korea, probably due to lack of stock.

Momotaro is only selling in Japan - as it lacks localization for South Korea and Taiwan, so it passing 1 million so quickly bodes really well for Sakuna - which also debuted in the West, although hasn't been topping the charts there(yet!).  

Currently it's it's 4th in the South Korea eShop , while its 5th in the rankings in Japan.

Marvelous have finally restocked in physically in Japan, heading into a holiday it's doing more physically than Splatoon 2(8.396)

  • Week 46 - 32.906 / NEW <80-100%>
  • Week 47 - 1.547 (-95%)
  • Week 48 - 6.004 (+288%)
  • Week 49 - 8.587 / 49.044 <80-100%> (+43%)

Overall it should surpass 100K without any trouble by the end of the year if there is enough stock. The question remains how high can the game go? With it's low price and steady updates, I think we are witnessing another title that will surely surpass 1 million physical + digital on the Switch in Japan at some point. 

Very happy for this game to find success, as Hades and Sakuna have really been two of the best games for me this year.