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Forums - Sony Discussion - PS4 Dreams Review Thread (88 Metacritic /90 Opencritic Average)

Reviews so far:

Push Square - 10/10

God Is A Geek - 10/10
PS Nation - 10/10
Attack of the Fanboy - 10/10
Glitch Effect - 10/10
Well-Played - 10/10
Checkpoint Gaming - 10/10
The Gamer - 10/10
Critical Hit - 10/10
Explosion Network - 10/10
Jack Of All Controllers - 9.5/10

Destructoid- 9.5/10 
Nexushub - 9.5/10
Gamingtrend - 9.5/10
Game Over Online - 9/5/10
PSX-Sense - 9.5/10
GamePro - 9.3/10
Cogconnected - 9.2/10
IGN - 9/10
Gamemag - 9/10
True Gaming - 9/10
Gamingbolt - 9/10
Merlininkazani - 9/10
Gamerant - 9/10
Screenrant - 9/10
Atomix - 9/10
Gamecrate - 9/10
Somhrac - 9/10
Jeuxactu - 9/10

Hobby Consolas - 8.8 / 10
IGN Spain - 8.7 / 10
Meristation - 8.7/10
Vandal - 8.7/10
Carolequintaine - 8.5/10
Multiplayer.It - 8.5/10
Inside Gamer - 8.5/10
4 Players - 8.2/10
Gamersky - 8/10 - 6/10
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On the other side:

Is it going to be a niche tool for creators or will players be able to enjoy it as well. I was really hoping for a solid campaign like LBP1, every iteration after has improved the tools yet gone backwards on creating a compelling experience to get me inspired to start creating myself.

I'm going to wait to get some psvr impressions first. VR will save it for me, but the lack of an inspiring campaign has dulled my interest in the pancake version.


Media Molecule is pretty good at the “build it yourself” genre....what’s this genre called?

Xbox: Best hardware, Game Pass best value, best BC, more 1st party genres and multiplayer titles. 


Let's pray for it to do great.

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John2290 said:
It's gonna fail so badly, everyone interested in this game has EA. I can't imagine a launch at a higher price will bring in many more than a few hundred thousand.

That might be a positive. If it sells millions, any quality stuff will quickly be buried under heaps of "I'll like yours if you like mine" and "check out my rocket car" crap :)

Sony is not marketing this , people is doing insane things in this game.


I think I'm gonna pick up a copy, been curious about this game for a while

This game is making 0 noise which is pretty sad tbh it looks incredible.

God Is A Geek gave it a 10/10: