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Forums - PC Discussion - Blizzcon 2019 is tomorrow! What will happen? Make your bets, people!

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What exactly are we going to see in Blizzcon 2019?

Public protests in front of the place. 0 0%
Heckling complaining against Blizzard. 0 0%
Whinnie the Pooh cosplays. 7 53.85%
Mei cosplays in support of Hong Kong. 2 15.38%
Another Red Shirt Guy event. 2 15.38%
Booing towards mobile games. 0 0%
A pro player will say something live. 0 0%
Something else entirely... 0 0%
Nothing at all, people is over it by now. 2 15.38%

After a month full of controversies for Activision-Blizzard, starting with the banning of Hearthstone profressional player banning of Blischung and spiraling out of control, dragging Blizzard's name into the dirt, getting politicians to get together in denouncing the company, major customer upheval and even criticiscm from their own team... the start of Blizzcon 2019 is upon us. Now, even though Blizzard has been trying to pacify everyone to avoid more public embarrasment, there's the high chance of SOMETHING happening tomorrow. The question is, what exactly is going to happen? Do you have enough popcorn prepared for this?

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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The only Blizzard game I care about is Diablo 4. If it is not shown then it will be a shitshow event for me.

Hopefully Diablo 4 gets a console version...….oh and free Hong Kong.

Store mounts, p2w diablo

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One (or all) of the following:

New Diablo game announcement, be it Diablo 4, a remaster of D2 or something new.
New WOW expansion announcement since Battle of Azeroth is over.
Hong Kong gets taken over by chinese armed forces.
A bit of a strecht but... Overwatch 2 announcement.

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I want something crazy to happen, aside from any game announcements.

Blizzard are going to vet the whole event harder than any dictatorship to avoid adding to the recent problems.

I kind of want to see a bunch of Winnie the poohs in one place

I expect to see they going back 20 years to the past and becoming a good company.

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Sexy Mei cosplayers, please.