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Forums - Sales Discussion - Spanish Weekly Sales 10/06/19 -16/06/19 HW & SW

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9 of the 10 best-selling games in Spain are PS4 games, thanks to Days of Play.

Pos. Juego. Plat. Ventas Total
1 Spider-Man PS4 5500 312.200
2 Grand Theft Auto V PS4 4000 929.600
3 Days Gone PS4 3500 55.100
4 God of War PS4 2600 210.850
5 Red Dead Redemption 2 PS4 2400 415.400
6 Gran Turismo Sport PS4 1500 174.600
7 Kingdom Hearts III PS4 1500 80.500
8 Detroit: Become Human PS4 1450 53.100
9 Fortnite Pack de criogenización PS4 1450 81.900
10 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Switch 1450 142.350

Estas son las ventas de consolas del 10 de junio al 16 de junio:

PS4: 6900 unidades vendidas
Nintendo Switch: 5400 unidades vendidas
PlayStation Classic: 5150 unidades vendidas
Xbox One: 1050 unidades vendidas

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Damn, Fortnite. A free to play that still reaches the top ten of best selling software. Also, GTA V is really close to reaching the million in retail, the legs of that game.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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They were giving free PS classic in Spain this week ?

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That the Switch game to feature on the list is Smash Bros instead of Mario Kart is almost as surprising as the amount of XboxOne consoles sold this week. I guess E3 had an effect on the charts.

Thanks for sharing.

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nice PS4 sales.

If you know what i mean ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Amnesia said:
They were giving free PS classic in Spain this week ?

Almost free, they reduced the price from 99.99 € to 49.99 € and now it's 29.99 €