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The star of Nintendos E3 2019?

Animal Crossing 12 30.00%
Pokemon (2019) 13 32.50%
Metroid Prime 4 0 0%
Luigis Mansion 3 4 10.00%
Something else 0 0%
A not yet announced game 10 25.00%
There will be a change of format 1 2.50%

So we are now over a month into 2019. A new direct is getting more and more likely and I think it's time to talk about what Nintendo plans for their E3 2019.

So at first we take a look at what I would call "Switch-era" E3 because it has a very clear structure that Nintendo has repeated 3 times so far.
I am talking about the huge focus on one single blockbuster title that will release in the next 9 months.

For 2016 we had The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Since BotW was a highly anticipated game that got multiple delays Nintendo made it the only focus of their E3 2016 where the people could play the tutorial area, the great plateau and the whole Nintendo booth was BotW-themed.

This was the first time Nintendo did such a heavy focus, but BotW was very ambitious and, let's be real, the WiiU did not have anything else going for it.

Then we went into 2017, Switch got announced and had a presentation (where BotW was confirmed as launch game) and also a new 3D Mario game got shown.
And this also insanely hyped up game became the star of Nintendos E3 2017: Super Mario Odyssey

Just like BotW before it SMO became the one big frontrunner of Nintendos E3 in 2017. They showed the cappy mechanic for the first time and it was the primary demo to play there. Unlike BotW we did first learn about SMOs existance in the same year.

And this trend continued in 2018 with Super Smash Bros Ultimate

First announced only a few months prior in a Direct as the closing statement, SSBU became the third game that had huge marketing and focus going for it as it became Nintendos biggest release for that year. Even the presentation was heavily focused on Smash and that focus even continued throughout the year.

Now I think it is pretty obvious that Nintendo intends to keep this format to promote one game as juggernaut for the year and BotW, SMO and Smash all achived insane sales numbers and are still selling well to this day.
So the big question becomes the following:

Which game will be the star of E3 2019?

So I think the criteria are pretty obvious. It has to be an established franchise that has huge sales potential and is very marketable. Also a game where Nintendo can show lots of ambitions. And preferably the game got only recently announced/teased.

Let's take a look at the candidates and I will state my pros/cons of the game:

Animal Crossing (2019)
- Beloved franchise with insane sales potential
- Base game very similar but lots of possibilities for improvement/ambitions
- Recently teased and nothing yet is known about the game

- Has a way more casual fanbase which would be a mismatch for the more hardcore audiences that are present at E3
- May not have enough star power to carry Nintendo to years end, more a marathon runner in regards of sales

Pokemon (2019)
- Just like AC a beloved franchise with sales potential off the charts
- After the way more casual Let's Go games the hardcore fanbase is in serious withdrawl
- Jump to HD and more computing power could provide us with the most ambitious Pokemon game ever

- Pokemon while a known Nintendo franchise is not a primary Nintendo IP and the game is not developed inhouse
- Since Pokemon is the biggest media franchise it does not really need E3 publicity.

Metroid Prime 4
- Fans want it, fans need it
- Jump to HD could do wonders for the game

- Development reset so the game is not likely to be in a presentable state in those 6 months
- Not a inhouse developed game

Luigis Mansion 3
- Beloved franchise

- Not known and seen as a sales juggernaut
- Not that much star power, more of a nieche series
- Not developed inhouse
- Already got small teaser footage and know about Luigis new gimmick.

Unannounced projects
This point is what delayed my thread. Nintendo teased multiple projects that are not yet announced and with a Direct coming soon it is very possible that a E3 candidate is part of those. I am still thinking what possibilities there are but have not yet gotten to a conclusion. But this thread will be updated once new potential games are announced.


So which game will be the E3 frontrunner for Nintendo?

What possible candidates could be announced in the upcoming Direct?

Or will they change their E3 format completely once again?

For me I would hope that Animal Crossing soars above all expectations and becomes the focus of E3 but I might be a bit biased. :D

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I think the new Pokemon game will be shown at e3 as Nintendo game of the show, but also Animal Crossing will take the stage.
Most likely AC will be presented before e3, in a Direct with a short trailer.

But the big surprise for me could be a new F-Zero or Waverace! Finger crossed ;)

A new Mario maker that is revealed in the spring direct, or the Star Fox Racing game, revealed before E3. Either way, the star of the show will be a game that is announced before e3

Animal Crossing will drive sales of consoles, especially the Switch Mini, and will bring in a huge new (casual) audience.
I imagine a AC themed Switch Mini bundle selling for $250 this Christmas. $300 with a couple of villager Amiibos.
And Nintendo will push their online service with the game.

Additionaly there will be other casual games like Professor Layton, Brain Age, Art Academy, Endless Ocean, Nintendogs, The Sims & Switch Sports. And Pokémon.

This year will be the Year Of The Casuals. 2020 will be the year of Bayonetta, Metroid, Kid Icarus, GTA V, COD, Final Fantasy and Resident Evil.

Oh no....

HERE WE GO AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I think there will be some Microsoft x Nintendo segment. Like how Sony is not coming at e3 and we just heard that Xbox Live is coming to Switch.

Pocky Lover Boy!