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How would you grade PS Plus services for 2018?

A+ 17 26.15%
A 17 26.15%
A- 9 13.85%
B+ 8 12.31%
B 8 12.31%
B- 1 1.54%
C+ 3 4.62%
C 0 0.00%
C- 0 0.00%
D+ or below 2 3.08%

There are a couple things that bother me about the service:
1. It's annoying to have to go in and claim the free games each month.
2. It's annoying that I have to manually cancel my membership (i.e., they don't make it easy to buy a month service without having to go in and cancel it for future months)

With that out of the way, their service is pretty good, and I get to play a lot of games that I wouldn't have played otherwise. Because of PS Plus, I re-discovered Heavy Rain, which I hadn't finished when I first played it. I enjoyed it much more this time around, and even went ahead and got Beyond Two Souls and finished that one as well, all leading up to Detroit.

Most months the games don't interest me, but on occasion something great comes along.

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It's saved me at least 150 euro by my estimates in September on discounts alone, and probanly well over 200 with my last few discouted purchases. I forgot to keep logging them bit 200+ seems about right. I've bought a LOT of VR titles and indie stuff and that's taking into account the proce as I started at -40 euro whe adding up doscounts. Add on top of that the free games, of which I've played three and still want to and will play two or three others of which I would have eventually bought anyway, it's an A plus from me. Hell an S ranking.


This year is probably THE best PS+ year since the launch of the PS4, a lot of AAA games and good smaller games.

Korvo_Attano said:
This year is probably THE best PS+ year since the launch of the PS4, a lot of AAA games and good smaller games.

And with the platform aging I expect 2019 and 2020 to be even better. 

very garbage for a few months but overall nice 8/10 so B-

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Straight to the A.

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Easily an A+ from me;

I'd say this year has been by far one of, if not the strongest years for the games lineup on Plus... just look at that list, every month had at least one game I really wanted, half the months nailed it with both games, and despite seeing a little upset with December around the internet, I think it's a pretty decent month too. Although I do get added value from owning a PS3 and Vita, so that makes Plus even better for me, although support for those are ending next year, but I've been given SO MANY games over the years that my backlog is just ridiculous now.

I don't even use Plus for playing games online, it's rare I play PS4 games online for the most part, but I feel like the £50 I paid for this year (recurring subscription) has been more than worth it in terms of value of games, both in money and quality.

very strange to just list the ps4 titles on here, but most months a couple of if not all of the games for ps3 and vita were cross buy with the ps4, there was a couple of months this year where I added 5-6 games to my PS4 library.

Honestly though, it costs about 50e for a year and you get about 70 games during that period, it's cheaper than a euro a game and you get titles like God of War 3 remastered, Destiny 2 and some others which cost that much individually when they were new, the service can't be beat in terms of the games it offers, but... next year I think is it march it's dropping support for some systems, think the Vita at least, possibly also the ps3 so we'll have to see what it's value is like moving forwards, that said.... I think I have a sub until nearly 2020 thanks to deals and offers on the service.

Never play online games... and rarely play on my ps4 at all, still though, love having a ton of new games on it when I do boot up the machine.


edit - even in Nov the games Burly Men at Sea and Roundabout were both cross buy from other systems onto the PS4, so it wasn't 2 titles but 4 in November.

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It gets an A

I noticed black ops bloodborne ratchet and clank gow 3 dead by daylight friday the 13th etc and now onrush is added

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I was a great year, and by reading this list i just realized that i bought 5 of those games and only play one of them... Damn i late to the party... Like year long late...

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