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Forums - Website Topics - Desktop Mode Enabled

After wasting time battling some idiot spamming the website (which I believe to be resolved, for the most part now!) - I was finally able to devote some time to something actually constructive.

At the very bottom of the page in the footer, you will now see a "Display as Desktop" or "Display as Mobile" link - this will allow mobile users to dictate whether they see the responsive view of the website, or the regular "desktop" type view you would normally see on a full-sized laptop. This link only appears on pages where the responsive framework has been built in (home page, game page, prediction league, etc.) - it's not here in the forums...   ...yet!!

Anyway - the goal is to allow those users who don't like the single-column view of a responsive website, to see the full page screen. You can toggle back and forth between the two views, and your viewing preference will remain in memory until you switch.

Viewing the desktop mode on mobile has given rise to some minor formatting issues, which I will work to address - there's no need to tell me that the hardware chart drifts too far to the right, I'm aware of it. Also, depending on the mobile browser your using - there may be an ad at the bottom that covers the footer (and therefore, makes the link inaccessible). You should be able to simply hit the "close" button on the ad, and access the link at that point.


Any problems - list 'em here...

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That's a great addition!! Thanks Talon.

VGPolyglot said:
That's a great addition!! Thanks Talon.

My hope is that it will satisfy even the biggest haters of the new home page and get 100% of the community on board...  :)

Very very sexy change! Options galore

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That one seems great, everything on display, very good first impressions.

wow, like it now to see again all on the front page, great work, thanks for the work

It doesn’t remember that I chose the mobile version :/

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Tmfwang said:
It doesn’t remember that I chose the mobile version :/

It sure does have you marked down as "mobile" - you do realize the mobile framework has only been deployed for the home page, game db, and prediction league - right? It hasn't yet been deployed for profiles or the forums...