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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - (IGN) State of Decay 2 Base Building

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Back in the 360 days, After my friend recommended me State of Decay, I fell in love with the mechanics, I played though the entire game and all the modes they added over time. I will admit I wasn't exactly looking forward to the sequel due to it looked too similar to the first game just on UE4. I wanted more than just a visual boost.

Well after seeing a few videos of play throughs, I have notice the extras they have added into the game. I have now placed this on my must play list in 2018.

I am really liking the new base building system and details.

Lets hope they polish it up and release a game that will be as good as the 1st one.

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Now this is the part of the game that interests me

Bet Shiken that COD would outsell Battlefield in 2018.

I like a good co-op game, and this looks fun from the one vid I watched a few weeks back. Knew nothing about it prior to that. Will check out the link when I get a chance.

Chinese food for breakfast


Well I have Game Pass until November so I'm at least going to try it still haven't played the first game.