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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - My review of SMO: Luigi's Balloon World

Luigi's Balloon World was just released as a new game mode for Super Mario Odyssey. there wasnt too much hype generated for this game mode but it did give players who have 100%'d the game something else to do, so i was excited for it. now heres my thoughts on it.

Its not a bad concept. Various Nintendo properties have dabbled in hide-n-seek style tasks before, but this time they seemed a bit more ambitious by targeting speed-runners. but the end result was something not as glamorous. first off, these worlds simply werent made for this game mode to begin with and the amount of good hiding spots to put balloons in quickly dwindles. it wont take long for you run into numerous players in the Find It mode that have all placed their balloons in the same exact spot. on one hand its good for coin grinding, as i was able to rack up over 6000 coins in just over an hour, and it never felt tedious. on the other hand, it shows just how much this game mode will quickly tire, as running to the same spot over and over again can only bring so much enjoyment. (also as an added note, you can only find each balloon once. meaning there wont be any player-made super difficult challenge runs for people to indulge in, you know, like ACTUAL speed-running communities). as for Hide It mode, it leaves a lot to be desired, mostly due to how disconnected Balloon World is from the rest of the game. lets say you want to find a good hiding spot, you first need to exit Balloon World, find a spot, backtrack to where Balloon World starts, and then go back to Balloon World, and try to get to that spot as soon as possible. and THAT is the tedious part. i would think that with a game mode so heavily reliant on hide-n-seek style gameplay they would include a scouting option for when youre just trying to find some good hiding spots. 

overall, i would say i enjoy Luigi's Balloon World, but i really just find joy in watching my coin counter rack up every time i find a balloon. it makes the new costumes easier to get at least. still, it is something else to do once you get all 999 moons and i definitely will try it out more over the next few weeks to see how the community evolves.

7 / 10

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Never heard of it. But just seems like more of a reason to make the game a 10/10

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I really like it. Tho I wish I could test out what I hide, and it was easier to find other user's balloons (as in, why codes???). The 30 second limit also makes it really interesting, since you force others to go as fast as possible AND to explore at the same time.

It's also really addictive

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