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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Stage 2 - Round 1 - VGChartz Greatest User Tournament 2017

Welcome to the VGChartz Greatest User Tournament 2017, please read the rules.


The Rules.

1. Vote from your favourite to least favourite, feel free to copy paste this template and use it. Only one winner per round. 3p is full points, 1p is 1 point. If you're still unsure ask me for clarification.

3p - Superman
2p - Catwoman
1p - Green Lantern.

2. ONE vote per round.
3. Must have over 200 posts.
4. Users in the Tournament CAN vote in EVERY round. Even their own.
5. NO flaming or insults will be tolerated. Not even sly digs.
6. Thread bumping is allowed in discretion, but asking for votes is no longer allowed.

These are the prelims, the highest votes out of the three will move on.






Wildcard round results:

Wright 55 pts
CGI-Quality 46 pts
Leadified 41 pts
ryuu96 42 pts
ka-pi96 36 pts
RolStoppable 35 pts
mZuzek 35 pts

ARamdomGamer 25 pts
StarDoor 23 pts
BraLoD 16 pts
iceland 21 pts
Slarvax 12pts
darwinianevolution 11 pts
outlawauron 12 pts
Nautilus 8 pts
think-man 6 pts
TomaTito 0 pt

People who made it to stage 3:

None yet

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2P The Shadow knows.
1P The outcast.

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3p outcast
2p boom
1p shadow knows

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3p. Super Boomy, bro 4 life.

2p. Shadow1980

1p. Veknoid_Outcast

3p - Boom
2p - Vek
1p - Shadow

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slade's last minute vote saved ka-pi's tournament life!

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3p - SuperBoom
2p - Shadow1980
1p - Veknoid_Outcast

3p - Veknoid_Outcast
2p - Super_Boom
1p - Shadow1980

3p- Supa
2p- Vek
1p- Shadoow



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3p - Veknoid_Outcast
2p - Shadow1980
1p - Damn I can't stop looking at my own avatar

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