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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Favorite Music from Donkey Kong Country 1?

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Like the title says: what is your favorite song from DKC1?


My personal favorite is Aquatic Ambiance

but I also like Life in the Mines

Mine Cart Madness

Fear Factory

and Gang Plank Galleon




DKC1 has my last favorite OST from the original trilogy, but is a good one anyway.

others songs are easy to find on youtube, but for the sake of convenience, here is a playlist

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It's all 10/10 but if I had to choose it would be Aquatic Ambiance.

mZuzek said:
Probably Fear Factory, with Aquatic Ambience a close second.

DKC 1 has a great soundtrack, but definitely not on the level of 2 or Tropical Freeze imo.

Well I love some music from DKC 3 too, but I agree with DKC 2 and Tropical Freeze are the best ones. Also Fear Factory is my second close 

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Can't believe I forgot Forest Frenzy

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Why do you need that information?

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Aquatic Ambience and King K Rool Theme can't choose between them.

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All of it, some of the best music ever in a videogame!

aquatic ambiance and life in the mines for sure!
and fear factory, gang-plank galleon, jungle hijinx, forest frenzy and the credits concerto too.
and all the rest :D it's a great soundtrack! nothing beats dkc2 though ;)

Jungle Groove and Aquatic Ambiance are so great. This is my favorite DKC game, but my favorite soundtrack still is from DKC2. David Wise is a genius.

They are all great ! :P