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I was impressed, the system looked pretty awesome. At that point in time it looked like Sony had this gen wrapped around it's fingers and this was just another nail in Nintendo's soon to be coffin. Price and battery life is what kept me away for the first year. That's when the DS started to shine through and I bought one to play Mario Kart.

Great decision on my behalf. I wouldn't mind owning a PSP but I can't see myself forking out for one unless the battery life was improved and they came up with a better way to surf the net from it.

Prepare for termination! It is the only logical thing to do, for I am only loyal to Megatron.

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leo-j said:
Sony should have released the feature that you can watch UMD's on tv with your psp along with the release of the UMD, this is mainly why people ddnt buy them, you can only watch them on the psp.

 i agree

I thought it made Nintendo look pretty bad, and I wasn't totally wrong. It's a great machine, it's abilitites are pretty awesome.

i said WOW!!!

I was impressed but I haven't played mine in a long time. I might get crisis core.

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I though this was the end of ninty for sure
but alas, Nintendo ended up winning by a wide WIDE margin!

But i do gotta give it to Sony for their PSP
while it was blatantly made to steal the big N's handheld crown,
it's kept a good pace in sells (software is rather questionable)
and its introduced a lot of new features, features ninty might
have to use in the next gen battle of the handhelds
but yeah, congratz PSP!!!

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i was very impressed by the screen, the design and the graphics, next to the ugly gray DS phat with its half hearted mario 64 port and dull screens, it looked really good and I thought they had a serious chance of beating nintendo at their own game (again), of course this was way before the wii was out.
I got a DS first, solely for warioware and shortly after that I got a PSP with ridge racer, hot shots golf and lumines, at that point the DS was seriously attracting dust. Sadly after that initial burst of games, the psp market has been utterly dead for me and the DS one has gone from strength to strength, I hardly ever touch my PSP now and even FFVII has been a massive disappointment.

I thought everybody would want one and that it would be as successful as the ipod.... I'm glad that I was wrong.


I knew that it was a first-day buy for me.

I thought, "that is going to break way too easy"

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