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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Super Smash Bros.-inspired Brawlout announced for PS4, Xbox One, and PC

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This reminds me of....

Super Smash Bros 8 53.33%
Playstation All Stars Battle Royale 7 46.67%

That looks quite alright. We need more platform fighters in this industry, anyway.

bet: lost

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looks playable!

Needs a lot of work. The fighting mechanics look slow and clunky and the levels uninspired.

And what is this return to the golden age of platform fighters?

"Return of the Golden Age of competitive platform fighters"

What about Platinum Age that Smash community is currently in?

Smash Bros inspired? Seems more like a clone down to the knockout percentage style. And what the heck does it mean by "Return of the golden age of competitive platform fighters"? They didn't go anywhere. It's still around, and it's called Smash Bros. Smash is pretty much THE competitive platform fighter. Such a weird selling point. The matches don't seem very fast either. The game seems rather slow and floaty actually. I suppose it looks faster due to racking up damage pretty quick with fast jabs and attacks that hit for multiple times.

A good selling point would be more "A Smash Bros for other consoles". This just seems like a lesser Smash Bros game. I think I'd be more lenient with this game if they weren't trying so hard to stretch out good points for this game and just been more honest with it.



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This game looks bad.... really bad. Being inspired by something is one thing, but this is a rip off.

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