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Forums - Sony Discussion - God of War announced for PS4

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This actually looks good.

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I was blown away by this trailer. I cannot wait for this game.

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Huge change! I'll miss TC Carson as the voice of Kratos.


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it really is a New Beginning for this franchise

i like the changes specifically the slower pace and change of camera angle might be the 1st GOW game i get


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The interactions with the kid and daddy Kratos was cute. lol

I wonder which norse goddess his mother is. They kept talking about her the entire time.

Mentioning Ryse is quite insulting to GoW

FentonCrackshell said:
Huge change! I'll miss TC Carson as the voice of Kratos.

Isn't it the same voice. It was kratos' voice that gave it away it was GoW before I even see him.

I think they are stepping in the right direction.

1st GoW was great for me, because it was a greek tragedy story, but then they went full commercial in 2nd and 3rd.
Dont get me wrong, gameplay and graphics were great, but i got bored really fast because of Kratos personality (or the lack of it). He had nothing to care for or to be afraid of.

Having a familiy to care for and reflect about how your decisions will affect them gives him much more depth.

I was really surprised by this. It looks a lot different to what i was expecting, and yet... i'm kind of happy. I'm pretty burnt out on GoW, and this promises to at least be trying something different. I guess we'll have to wait and see if that "different" is actually "shit" though :p